What To Expect In An Investigation



As a client, you will be asked to fill out an Interview. This interview will allow you to explain the activity and give us some of the background, history, and basic information of your property or facility.

Permission Form
You'll also be asked to sign an Investigation Permission form. MOSS does not investigate any location without having permission in writing.

Release Form
You'll then fill out an Investigation Release Form. To help further the study and understanding of the paranormal, we would love to be able to post all Investigation information and results on our website or other related media, however you will have the opportunity to let us know how comfortable you are with us releasing this information. If requested, we can list your investigation as "An Undisclosed Home in Wherever, MO", for example, and only release investigation details that would not identify you or your home/facility.


When will we investigate?
MOSS prefers to investigate on Fridays or Saturdays due to the availability of investigators. It is typical for us to arrive at approximately 8 or 9PM, and conclude our investigation around 4 or 5AM the next morning. It really all depends on how small or large the home or facility is.

After we arrive...
Upon our arrival, we request a "walkthrough" of the home/facility and the areas where activity has taken place. We'll then set up our equipment and prepare for the investigation.

Where will you go?
In an investigation it is absolutely necessary to be able to know and track where every person is at all times. This prevents us from having to exclude data or results due to contamination of audio, video, etc. Therefore, MOSS prefers to investigate homes or facilities without owners or family members present, but we understand that sometimes that is not possible. In this situation we may ask that these members of the household or facility remain at central command or another designated space for the length of the investigation.

We will spend time in each one of the areas of your home/facility where activity has been experienced. It is likely we may need to open closets, cabinets, etc. depending on the activity. If time permits, we like to investigate other areas as well.

We will likely use the following equipment during the investigation... 

EMF Detectors/K-II Meters/Trifield Natural EM Meter - We use these devices to measure electromagnetic energies that are sometimes given off or used by spirits/entities to communicate. These devices also help us to rule out artificial fields given off by appliances, etc. 

Audio Recorders - Most of our investigations are recorded onto audio recorders. This allows us to hopefully catch mysterious sounds, voices of spirits/entities heard by investigators (disembodied voices), or voices only heard later on the recording and not at the time of the investigation (EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena). It is also a way for us to document details of the investigation in general.

Infrared Thermometers - We use this thermometer to document unusual temperature readings believed to be the result of spirits/entities drawing energy from the environment and sometimes called "cold spots".
Digital Still Cameras - We will take digital photographs throughout the investigation to either document an event or hopefully catch something that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Video Camcorders - Like digital still cameras, video camcorders allow us to simply document an event or hopefully record something that was not seen at the time of the investigation.

Digital Infrared Video Cameras - These night vision cameras are placed throughout the investigation site and continuously record to hopefully document activity. Infrared Cameras are able to pick up ultraviolet light that the human eye cannot see.

Other Equipment
Table, chairs, DVR hard drive, flashlights, two-way radios, etc.

After the Investigation

Depending on the investigation, it may take a week or two to completely analyze data, audio, video, etc. After an investigation report is completed, a representative of the team will meet with you to discuss findings. You will be given a copy of the report and any photographic, video, or audio evidence (if any).