The Stanley Hotel


MOSS stayed at the Stanley Hotel from March 12th - 15th, 2011. Our rooms were located on the infamous stretch of the 4th floor, rooms 408, 410, and 412 (my room). 
Besides Cassie experiencing being touched twice, we are not able to report that we saw or heard any activity. Others around us, however, were claiming to experience activity while we were there. The day we left there was an interesting experience with the maid who was cleaning the room across from 412. She ran out into the hall upset and slammed the door. She was frantically telling the other maid down the hall that something was going on in the room. 

Haunted or not haunted, the history and beauty of the Stanley was worth the trip for me. My favorite part was walking through the main lobby late at night and being the only ones there. The fireplaces lit and crackling, classical music being pumped through the sound system 24/7, ball room, billiard room, and music room available to walk through freely. It was fun to imagine being in a different time. 

One of the things that makes visiting the Stanley for the purpose of its haunted history challenging is that unless you've rented out the entire hotel, many other fascinated people are there for the same reason. Some of these people are incredibly... interesting. There are people going up and down the halls at all hours of the night trying to catch a glimpse of the ghosts of the children that supposedly haunted our hallway. While we were there each day, every couple of hours a group of anywhere from 10 to 30 people in a tour would come down the hall to hear the guide tell stories. They would occasionally visit some of the rooms if they were vacant. Some of the guides encouraged the spirits to interact with guests in the tour and several people claimed to have experiences. 

A door shutting out in the hallway sounds incredibly loud and seemed to happen at all hours of the night. Guests? Ghosts? Conversations from any of the rooms could be heard from out in the hallway. Floors creak, wind howls, and it is impossible to know exactly what you are hearing. 

The audio files below are not meant to be evidence of anything, only some interesting audio from my night stand in 412 while we were sleeping. I must note that TAPS and Ghost Adventures have investigated room 412 for poltergeist activity. One of my nights in the room was uncomfortable only because I found one of the videos of investigations of my room and watched it on my phone right before going to bed. Otherwise, room 412 was a peaceful getaway. 

AUDIO: An example of the howling wind in the middle of the night... very Shining-like.

AUDIO: Whistle in the middle of the night... 

This one is interesting.  Was I whistling a tune while snoring? Did this whistle come from outside the window 3 floors down in the middle of the night? Was someone out in the hallway whistling? Who knows. 

AUDIO: Knocks in the middle of the night...

I have NO clue what this sound is but it seems awfully close to the recorder on my night stand. This was also in the middle of the night. 

AUDIO: Early morning thuds...

This was early in the morning about 40 minutes before my alarm went off to get ready for breakfast. This could possibly just be the floor creaking from someone next door or across the hall moving about. Or, possibly someone from the past was pacing in my room waiting for me to wake up. 

AUDIO: Exit door thud...

This is just an example of a noise we think we've identified as the exit door at the end of the hallway and right next to my room (412). We noticed that it is easily left unlatched, and a few times during our stay we noticed it opening and closing in the wind by itself. This thud sound happened many times throughout the night, especially when the wind picked up.