Undisclosed large facility, Lexington, MO

A note about this report

To protect client privacy, there are several details of this investigation that are left out or cannot be discussed here. For the same reason, some of our evidence cannot be included on this site. 

Investigation: Undisclosed large facility, Lexington, MO – 2nd Investigation (different structure)

Investigation Report Written By: Patrick Keller

Investigation Date:  3/18/11

Time of Arrival: 3:30pm

Investigation Start Time: 8:15pm

Investigation End Time: 1:31am

Investigators Present:   Patrick Keller
                                        Two Guest Investigators



Equipment Used in Investigation:

822A EMF Detectors

K-II Meters

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter

Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer

Sony ICD-PX720 Digital Voice Recorder: Followed Investigators throughout investigation

Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder: Followed Investigators throughout investigation

Kodak EasyShare M380 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

Q-See 4 Channel DVR
                Channel 1 (Wired Infrared Camera): Location 1A
                Channel 2 (Wired Infrared Camera): Location 1B
                Channel 3 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Location 2
                Channel 4 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Location 4A

Sony HDR-CX150 Handycam Digital Camcorder: Location 5 (outdoors) and later followed investigators throughout investigation

Sony DCR-TRV280 Handycam Camcorder with NightShot #2: Followed investigators throughout investigation

Command Central Location: Next to Location 4A



Client Reports

Due to client privacy we are not able to be specific, but reports of activity in and around this structure are based on multiple anonymous internet sources and include seeing at least two apparitions. Locations investigated will be labeled 1A, 1B, 2, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 4A, 4B, and 5 (which was outdoors).


Location 6 (previously Location A on 11/26/10) was a follow up from a previous investigation. Reports of activity in this location is suspected to be related to a death in this location 40 years ago.



Weather at Start of Investigation: Lexington, MO  64067


                                Conditions: Clear

                                Temp: 51.8  ̊F
                                Dewpoint: 33.8  ̊F
                                Pressure: 30.30in
                                Wind: ENE
                                Humidity: 50%


In addition to basic weather, we also document and keep track of other detailed weather                               conditions such as moon phase, solar wind, solar flares, sun spots, geomagnetic field, etc.


Pre-Investigation Base EMF and Surface Temp Readings
                                (average readings)


Outside Location 4A            EMF       1.0mG                                   Temp    76  ̊F

Room off of Location 1A      EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    63  ̊F

Another room off of
              EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    65  ̊F

Location 1A


Location 1A                          EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    65  ̊F
Location 1B
                          EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    65  ̊F

Location 2
                             EMF       .1mG                                     Temp    73  ̊F

Location 3A
                          EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    81  ̊F

Location 3C                          EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    73  ̊F


Location 3B                          EMF       .2mG                                     Temp    78  ̊F



Investigation Report and activities

Location 1A – 1st Visit @ 8:15pm (Patrick, Cassie, Bailey, 

Guest Investigators 1 & 2)

Investigators sat on the floor in Location 1A. There were lots of gurgling noises coming from off in the distance and occasionally the sound of the soda machine running in Location 2.


The wall in between two of the rooms gave off a reading of 2 and 3 lights on the K-II meter, steady, but back and forth between 2 and 3. EMF was between .1 and .3mG. The floor gave off no EMF readings. Exactly across from that on the other wall was some kind of outlet and electrical that gave off a reading of 3 lights on the K-II.


Cassie believes she may have seen a shadow in one of the rooms. Cassie was closer to the Location 2 side of the area filming toward this room. Guest Investigator 1 had an EMF detector and was the closest to the room. She only had a consistent reading of .1mG. I asked that any entity show their self and make Guest Investigator 1’s numbers get higher. No response. After video analysis, it appears that Cassie saw investigator shadows from the IR light of the DVR camera at her end of Location 1A, or from the IR light on the camcorder.


All investigators moved into the room where Cassie believed she saw shadows. The gurgly, drippy noises got louder. Underneath the louder draining, drippy noise was almost a softer draining sound that was lower. It almost sounded like a soft conversation.


Guest Investigator 2 thought she saw a shadow move in front of the wall closer to the TV in the front of the room. Nothing was caught on video.


Time check 8:49pm


Cassie saw a couple flashes of light through the camcorder next to the TV. She said it didn’t look like the reflection of a flashlight and was really fast. We tried to recreate what she saw with shadows or flashlights in the room and we couldn’t do it. I’m not exactly sure what she saw, but a few seconds before Cassie mentions it there was what looked like a pretty bright but quick reflection of a dust particle.


Walking through the middle of the room I felt a kind of cob web sensation. I never found the source and you can’t really tell from the video.


Cassie continued to see random bright flashes across the screen. After analyzing the video, what Cassie sees this particular time is clearly a fast moving dust particle, however it didn’t sparkle like the last one seemed to do.


Cassie saw it again at waist height really little. This one is hard to catch but resembles the first one.


I tried to scoot and stomp on the floor to shake up some dust particles to see if we could recreate it. She said she couldn’t see any dust particles on the screen. Analyzing the video, I am also not able to see dust particles after we tried to create them.


Time Check 8:57pm as investigators enter another room off of Location 1A. 


Investigators heard what sounded like rain pouring down outside. We checked in with command central and found that it was not raining. In the audio I describe it as someone sitting in a hot tub and it is bubbling and swishing.


In the center of the room I had 2 consistent lights on the K-II going up and down all the way to the floor. I don’t believe it was paranormal. Bailey got an EMF reading of 3mG at a nearby outlet. Electrical running in pipes along the wall around the TV on the floor produced 3 lights on the K-II.


Investigators tried to get knocking responses. No responses were heard.


Bailey got an EMF reading of anywhere from 20 – 50mG at some pipes running along one of the walls in the back of the room.


Investigators entered another room off of Location 1A. It was a much quieter room. You could hear the ticking of the clock hanging in the back of the room. 


Investigators entered another room off of Location 1A. This room contained storage and file cabinets and sported groovy wood paneling. The swishing water sounds could be heard again.


Investigators entered the last room off of Location 1A. There was a perfume smell that we later discovered was coming from an air freshener.



Location 1A – 2nd Visit @ 1:15am (Patrick, Norman, and 



Norman got 3 consistent lights from the K-II around an area of one of the rooms off of Location 1A. We don’t believe it was paranormal.


Strange response caught on video that may or may not be my voice. “Yeah” ? It comes in right before I respond to Norman’s comment. It just sounds different than my voice when I come in.


No other activity to report.  



Location 2 – 9:22pm (Patrick, Cassie, Bailey, Guest 

Investigators 1 & 2)


The soda machine was really loud (later in the evening we turned it off).


I made quick visits to the two rooms off of Location 2. Cassie’s footsteps were heard from above as she went back to command central ahead of the other investigators.


No activity or responses.



Return visit to Location 6 (previously Location A on 11/26/10 

investigation) of another structure on the property – Approx. 

10:15pm (Patrick, Norman, Cassie, Bailey, Guest Investigators 1 

& 2)


For the main part of the investigation Norman & Cassie stayed outside of Location 6 in the hallway while the rest of us spent time in Location 6. Continue reading for notes on their investigation.


The biggest difference noticed between the 3/18/11 investigation and the 11/26/10 investigation is how quiet it now was. No boiler sounds, bangs, slams, etc. 


Guest Investigator 2 got an EMF reading of 1.7mG as soon as we got to the back of Location 6. It then settled to a 1.1mG. We had EMF readings of a 1.6 to a 1.8mG in the door frame of the closet in Location 6. The door frame had higher readings for the 11/26/10 investigation also (2.7mG at the top of the door frame).


Investigators noted that they definitely did not feel as uncomfortable in the room compared to the 11/26/10 investigation. That could be because we were more acquainted with the space and knew what to expect.  


No responses to knocking or questions.


Investigators headed to the adjoining room of Location 6 where Norman and Cassie met us and told us to come see what was going on in the boiler room. Apparently Cassie felt as if she was touched in the doorway of the boiler room while Norman was inside investigating the back of the room.


Cassie and Norman then went into the back of Location 6 while the rest of us stayed in the front room of Location 6. Guest Investigator 2 had a quick EMF spike of .7mG but otherwise it stayed at .1mG.


EMF at the electrical boxes in the back of Location 6 read as high as 139mG this time around. That is significantly higher than our 11/26/10 visit (96.2mG was the highest EMF reading).


On the way out of Location 6 Norman claimed he left the boiler room door halfway open and when we came out it was all the way open. After watching the camcorder video, Bailey and I were the last ones in the doorway and the door was all the way open. All investigators spent just a few minutes out in the hallway before heading back into Location 6. I don’t think anyone went back and shut the door but the camera did not film in that direction once we left the boiler room.


Norman slammed the boiler room door to capture the sound of the slam and possibly compare it to some slams from the previous investigation.


We then left Location 6 and headed back to the structure of our current investigation at approx. 10:56pm.



Locations 3A, 3B, 3C, and 3D – 11:29pm (Patrick, Norman, 

Linda, Cassie, and Bailey)


Investigators spent time in Location 3A.


No responses to questions or knocks.


We thought we heard noises coming from out in Location 2 or that direction. We heard noises coming from the same area a minute or two later (not picked up on audio or video), so Bailey, Cassie and I went to try to identify the noise. The soda machine is incredibly loud on the audio. We decided to unplug the machine for the remainder of the investigation. We didn’t hear the noises again. From the audio of the Ch. 3 DVR Camera covering Location 2 it is clear that both noises from above were the soda machine first turning off and then later back on.


Investigators moved into Location 3B.


At approx 11:52pm Cassie claimed to get touched or pushed on her back again.


This is the 2nd time this happened this evening. We were in the very back of Location 3B. There were no responses or readings before or after this personal experience.


Norman heard footsteps above us and we discovered it was Guest Investigator 1 walking across Location 4A.


Investigators move into Location 3C. Norman noticed a sheet posted on the wall was blowing and we couldn’t figure out what the cause was. There was no draft that we could find.


Patrick, Bailey, and Linda moved into Location 3D while Norman and Cassie returned to command central. You could hear footsteps from investigators above in command central.


No other activity to report.



Location 4A – 12:30am (Patrick, Norman, Cassie, Bailey, Guest 

Investigators 1 & 2)


Investigators were spread out throughout the room.


At one point Norman asked a general question to any entities present. There is a noise right after the question. I’m not sure what the noise is. After listening to the same spot from the 2nd digital recorder I think it is just a random sound in the room… either from the furnace or from another investigator.


Sitting nearest to Location 4B in Location 4A, I was seeing what seemed to be light being blocked or a shadow moving underneath one of the closed doors to the room on the other side. No one else could see it.


No other activity to report.



Location 4B – 12:55am (Patrick, Norman, Cassie, Bailey, Guest 

Investigators 1 & 2)


No activity to report.


Location 5


We placed a camcorder at Location 5 at approximately 7:30pm before the start of the investigation. We left it there until about 9pm.


Norman was coming back from retrieving the video camera with it still recording. When he had just about made it to the exterior door of Location 4A where Linda was waiting, he said something to Linda and you could hear strange noises underneath his voice.  We cannot decide what these noises are.


There was no other activity caught in the video.