Undisclosed large facility, St. Louis area

Investigation: Undisclosed large facility, St. Louis area
Investigation Date: Friday, August 13, 2010
Time of Arrival: Approx. 12:00am (Aug. 14th)

Investigation Start Time:
Approx. 2:15am
Weather at Start of Investigation:
                                                Some lightning/thunder early in investigation
                                                Light Rain
                                                Temp: 72 degrees F
                                                Dew Point: 69.4 degrees F
                                                Pressure: 29.89in
                                                Wind: Calm
                                                Humidity: 90%

Investigators Present:           Patrick Keller
Equipment Used in Investigation:
822A EMF Detector
K-II Meter
Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer
Sony ICD-PX720 Digital Voice Recorder
Sony ICD-BX700 Digital Voice Recorder
Kodak EasyShare M380 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare CX4200 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera
Q-See 4 Channel DVR
Sony HDR-CX150 Handycam Digital Camcorder
Sony HVLIRM Batter Infrared Light Attachment (for camcorder)


Client Reports

Undisclosed area of facility (Area 1)
No sightings, only noises and sounds of objects moving in the room. Reports of arriving in the morning and items being found out of place or on the floor.

Undisclosed area of facility (Area 2)
Reported sightings of a solid apparition/entity appearing to be wearing a red jacket. This entity has been seen walking to and from undisclosed areas of the building, including Area 3.

Undisclosed area of facility (Area 3)
Reported sightings of the same apparition.

Investigation Report and activities

Surface temperatures throughout the main level of the building remained on average 70 degrees F.
Surface temperatures of the upper level averaged 73 – 75 degrees F.

Patrick and Cassie in Area 2a
- In general, very noisy from machines and appliances.
- 1 flash of the K-II Meter. No other readings reported in this area.
- Very light pops or snaps coming from the glass door of one of the appliances (nothing paranormal)

Patrick and Cassie inside Area 2b
- This was a short, unintended investigation, after getting high readings from K-II.
- This was for me (Patrick) the most uncomfortable part of the investigation. Once I entered I had a very uneasy feeling. There were lots of mechanical sounds and sounds of water running and dripping. The K-II Meter was giving extremely high readings from the time you walk in and all around. Equipment was very noisy and seemed to be the source of all of the readings. The machine closest to the undisclosed room had high readings as well. We did not have the EMF Detector with us to give an exact reading.
- There seemed to be no intelligent response from inside Area 2b.

Patrick and Cassie in Area 2c
- Several consistent K-II readings surrounding the column in the center of the space.
- High K-II readings outside of one of the walls (this is why we investigated area 2b)
- There seemed to be no intelligent response to questions or K-II
- Patrick heard a noise similar to a door shutting from the direction of Area 2d or Area 3. All team members were accounted for and no one opened any doors at that time. This is not heard on the Digital Voice Recorder.

                Evidence: Area 2c Dust Particle-Orb photo 
                (We are unable to display this evidence due to a request by the client)
                Before I (Patrick) took most of the photos that evening, I requested that any entity present jump in front of the camera for a picture. This could very likely be a dust particle. We are not huge fans of orbs presented as evidence, but because of my request we thought it was important to point out. It is a very interesting looking dust particle/orb.
Patrick and Cassie on bench next to Area 2d
- A few random unidentified noises/squeaks from off in the distance. These noises could have possibly come from other team members walking from XXXX heading toward XXXX.
- Cassie claimed to hear a soft disembodied male voice coming from off in the distance. This was caught on our Digital Voice Recorder, although very quiet. I suppose this could have come from investigators in the XXXX or headed there from the XXXX. Although, after we heard it we called the other team over radio and asked that they speak loudly to see if we could hear them. We could not. Their response is not heard on our Digital Voice Recorder.               
Evidence: Area 2d Male Voice mp3 
Norman and Bailey in Area 1
- Before we began any of our investigating, we made sure that all items were in their proper places and familiarized ourselves with the space.
- An EMF sweep was conducted. The only higher readings came from equipment on table. It gave off a 4.8 reading. Otherwise, the room in general had a .1 or .2 reading.
- A shadow was noticed in the corner and was later debunked.
- No intelligent responses to knocks or questions

Patrick and Cassie in Area 1
- No changes noticed with the placement of items.
- Cassie heard taps or pops coming from a window in the back of the space. This is most likely from light rain or dripping from outside.
- No other reports of activity

At this point, Linda (at central command) noticed a dark cloud move across the bottom of the infrared wireless DVR camera that was set up in Area 3. It looks as if it could be interference or a camera malfunction. We are including this as evidence because it only happened this one time, it is out of the ordinary, and because it ironically happened at the same time of the knocking activity (that is reported below) that was going on in the XXXX.

Evidence: Area 3 Dark Cloud DVR video
            (We are unable to display this evidence due to a request by the client)

Norman and Bailey in the XXXX.
- Norman and Bailey heard a knocking noise as they were getting ready to leave the XXXX. Not too long after that they hear 3 knocks. (It is at this time you hear Linda radio all investigators because she saw the “dark cloud” in the Area 3 camera.

Evidence: Knocks1 audio
            (We are unable to display this evidence due to a request by the client)

- Norman asks for a bang or a knock and you hear a knock. He then asks for another knock. You can again hear a knock. He then asks for 3 knocks and you hear 2 knocks (maybe 3?).
 Evidence: 3 Knocks audio
- Norman later requests whatever is present to “knock loud” and you hear a loud knock in response

                Evidence: Loud Knock audio
- Various members made 2 more visits to this area throughout the evening and there were no more reports of activity.
Patrick and Cassie in Area 3
- There were extremely high K-II fields found in Area 3, especially near the XXXX due to the electrical room located next to Area 3. In a smaller room attached, there were extremely high readings closer to the floor (We measured later using the EMF detector. The highest reading was 16.1).
- A loud bang was heard from above (Ducts? Ventilation?) and somewhere close to Area 3…possibly coming from the hallway going to the XXXX. For several reasons, we chose not to investigate in the XXXX area. The loud bang was heard in our Voice Recorder.
                Evidence: Area 3 Noise 1 audio
                (We are unable to display this evidence due to a request by the client)

Later we heard more loud noises. Again, could they have been the AC? Ventilation? After asking other team members on the radio, we learned that Norman closed the XXXX door outside of Area 1. Could that explain the noises? It is highly unlikely.

                Evidence: Area 3 Noise 2 audio
Patrick, Cassie, Norman, and Bailey in the upper level of the facility
- No reports of activity

Patrick and Norman in the Stairwell
- Coming down from the upper level into the Stairwell, Patrick heard noises or a shuffling coming from the lower level close to the stairwell. It sounded as if there was someone there. We rushed down the stairs to find nothing. No other responses were reported. Cassie and Bailey were accounted for in another area very far away from this activity. No explanation for the noises. In the evidence below, it is hard to tell if the noise heard on the audio recorder is the sound I heard (a disembodied voice), or an EVP. It sounds like a whispering voice in the background.

                Evidence: Stairwell Voice audio
There were two other visits to the XXXX, one extra visit to Area 3, and one extra visit to Area 1 before we ended our investigation. No additional reports were documented.