Undisclosed large facility, Lexington, MO

Large Facility 11-26-10

Investigation: Undisclosed Large Facility, Lexington, Missouri

Investigation Report Written By: Patrick Keller

Investigation Date: 11/26/10

Time of Arrival: 8:00pm (We had an earlier 5pm tour)

Investigation Start Time: 10:07pm

Investigation End Time: 3:41am
A note about this report

To protect client privacy, there are several details of this investigation that are left out or cannot be discussed here. For the same reason, some of our evidence cannot be included on this site. Fortunately, our best piece of evidence is included. 
Investigators Present:           Patrick Keller 
                                                Two Guest Investigators
Equipment Used in Investigation:

822A EMF Detector

K-II Meters

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter

Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer

Sony ICD-PX720 Digital Voice Recorder: 
                                                Followed Investigators throughout investigation

Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder: 
                                                Followed Investigators throughout investigation

Sony ICD-BX700 Digital Voice Recorder:
Used at Central Command

Kodak EasyShare M380 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare CX4200 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

Q-See 4 Channel DVR
         Channel 1 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Basement, Outside Location A
         Channel 2 (Wireless Infrared Camera): 2nd Floor Hallway                       
                                             Channel 3 (Wired Infrared Camera): Location A
         Channel 4 (Wired Infrared Camera): Location B

Sony HDR-CX150 Handycam Digital Camcorder:
Followed Investigators throughout investigation

Sony HVLIRM Batter Infrared Light Attachment (for HDR-CX150 camcorder)

Sony DCR-TRV280 Handycam Camcorder with NightShot:
                                                Followed investigators throughout investigation
Command Central Location: Room off of the main floor hallway
Client Reports

Due to privacy concerns we are not able to be specific, but reports of activity are suspected to be related to a death on the property 40 years ago. Most of the reports involve 4 specific locations on the property (listed as Locations A, B1, B2, C, & D) and come from anonymous online sources. The death happened in Location A.

Pre-Investigation Base EMF and Surface Temp. Readings
                (average low to high readings, example 0 - .5mG)

Location A                                   EMF       0 - .3mG                                               Temp    73 – 82  ̊F

Basement, outside location A        EMF       .1 - .3mG                                              Temp    64 - 75  ̊F

Location B1                                  EMF       0 - .2mG                                               Temp    58 - 65  ̊F
Location B2                                  EMF       0 - 2.5mG                                             Temp    54 – 64  ̊F

2nd Floor Hallway (Location C)    EMF       0 - .9mG                                               Temp    67 – 73  ̊F

Main Floor Hallway                      EMF       Not documented                                    Temp    73 – 76  ̊F

Location D                                   EMF       0 - .4mG                                               Temp    57 - 67  ̊F


Weather at Start of Investigation:
Lexington, MO 64067
                                Temp: 33.8  ̊ F
                                Dewpoint: 26.6  ̊ F
                                Pressure: 30.08in
                                Wind: SW at 8.1mph
                                Humidity: 75%

Pre-Investigation Notes

We immediately notice that in Location A the EMF goes from the 70s to 96.2mG (the highest) at the electrical boxes in the back of the location. This is the highest we’ve seen. An extremely high electromagnetic field can cause some people to have hallucinations, skin irritations, nausea, etc.  

Cassie and Bailey’s footsteps are heard walking in Location D from the basement.

Investigation Report and activities
Location A (and surrounding basement areas) – 1st Visit (Patrick, Bailey, and
Guest 1)

We began our investigation at 10:12pm in the very back of Location A. For the most part it was dark and very quiet. There were no boiler room or furnace sounds yet. In general, the three of us felt very uncomfortable most of the time. Guest 1 heard a noise in the connecting room of Location A around the corner. Shortly after that, Bailey hears what she thinks is a voice. I was hearing what sounded like some kind of mumbling off in the distance, almost like the sound of a distant TV. There was a light hum coming from electrical boxes as well as our camcorder. It isn't clear if Bailey and I were hearing the same thing or not. It seems that the same sounds are heard later in the investigation but we don't point it out. I had just asked "Can you tell us a little about yourself if there is someone here?" Could this be a voice heard lightly in the background? It is just too quiet to determine exactly what the sound is or if it is communication.
                        Audio Evidence: Location A Possible Voice (Unedited Audio File)

                        Audio Evidence: Location A Possible Voice A (Noise Removal)

                        Audio Evidence: Location A Possible Voice B (Noise Removal + Amplification of an                                                                                                                                  interesting section)

I got huge chills looking in the door frame of the closet inside Location A. It did not seem like a cold             spot… it was very warm down there… it was just extreme chills.

The doorway of the closet reads a higher EMF the closer you get to the ceiling and lower as you get to the ground. A 2.7mG is the highest at the top of the door frame. A .5mG is the lowest on the ground.
Standing closer to the electrical boxes, EMF suddenly went from 0 to 1.4mG and I got the same chills again. After the chills and the 1.4mG EMF, I requested anyone present to make the numbers go higher and there was no response. EMF stayed steady at a 1.2 and 1.3mG. There was a 1.0 behind the closet door in the corner. No consistent EMFs in the room… but also there are all of the electrical boxes with the high EMF readings from pre-investigation.
We then moved to the first room of Location A. We did not feel nearly as uncomfortable in this room as we did in the back room of the Location A.
There were no unusual EMF readings in this part of Location A and there was no intelligent response to questions.
We then spent some time outside of Location A at the bottom of the stairway. 
Location A – 2nd Visit (Cassie, Norman, Bailey for a short amount of time, and
Guest 2)
Right before we began this part of our investigation, it is like the property exploded with noises from the furnace and pipes. Each location of the property had its own unique sounds and bangs. The loudest of the bangs seemed to be coming from the basement.
Making their way down the stairs to Location A there are incredibly loud bangs coming from the boiler room area and pipes that are heard all over the building. Walking around the corner, Norman sees movement of the boiler room door. He also sees the padlock that was attached to the door swinging slightly. Norman slams the boiler room door and thinks that it is one of the sounds they are hearing. Even though it is a heavy door, it swings smoothly once you get it moving. No one saw it move on its own again. It is not a door that latches. It is a metal door that has to be padlocked shut. It is not clear if there was some kind of draft or suction coming from the boiler room with all of the other banging noises. There was no draft that could be felt, but there was an extreme temperature difference on both sides of the door. It was very hot and muggy in the boiler room.
Investigators later realize that some of the loudest bangs seem to be coming from up in the ceiling outside of the boiler room and Location A.
After analysis of video and audio it appears that investigators never see the door move when you hear the loud bangs that we were initially thinking was the sound of the door slamming.
At the same time this is going on, Guest 1 and I are on the main floor talking to Bailey and handing off some equipment before she heads downstairs. We then head down the main floor hallway for Location B. You can hear the noises from the main level and see just how very on edge the noises made everyone.
Now back to Cassie, Norman, Bailey (for a short time), and Guest 2 walking into Location A @ 11:29pm
During this second investigation of Location A you can hear bangs and taps coming from pipes here and there the whole time.
Cassie has an experience where she feels the hairs on her knuckles stand up and thinks back to a previous investigation where she had the same experience. This happens in the back closet doorway where I had my first experience with chills earlier in the investigation.
No intelligent responses to investigator knocks.

Location A (as well as the Boiler Rm. & basement area) – 3rd Visit (Norman, Guest
1, Linda, Patrick)

Time stamp 2:47am

Investigators go to the back room of Location A.

There were very soft knocks happening consistently from somewhere in the room. I think they seemed to come from in or behind the wall with the file cabinets. The knocking seems to not be intelligent and they eventually stop.

                        Audio Evidence: Location A Knocks (Unedited Audio File)

At approximately 2:54am Linda says “If you don’t want us here, come up to this light” (referring to the K-II meter lying on the floor in the center of the room). Lights flash for several seconds. I ask for someone to make the lights stop and they do. I ask “If you can make the lights do that again, we’ll know it’s you”. The 2nd light lights up 4 or 5 times. Investigators ask for someone to make the lights flash again. Then Linda says “If you light it up again we’ll know that you want us to go and we’ll leave”. The 2nd light flashes 4 or 5 times again the same way. Then Linda says “You’re going to have to do better than that”, etc… and then “Maybe you don’t want us to leave?” 3 lights immediately light up and flash 3 or 4 times. I then try to clear things up by asking for whoever is present to light the lights up for “yes” if they want us to stay, and then the same thing for if they want us to leave. There is no response to either question. No response after that.

(For privacy reasons the beginning of the clip where investigators ask “Do you not want us here?” and “If you don’t want us here, come up to this light” had to be cut. The clip picks up right after those questions.)
                        Video Evidence: Location A K-II Communication

At one point Norman decided to stay in the first room by himself while the rest of us were in the back room near the closet. He says when we were getting a K-II hit he experienced spider web phenomena.

Investigators all moved to the front room of Location A for a short visit with no activity, and then left the location for the hall.

Investigators head into the boiler room. There were several different types of sounds from machines, fans, pipes, etc. Norman demonstrates what happened earlier with the boiler room door.

Patrick & Norman then spend some time sitting on the stairs looking down to the basement while other investigators head back to central command. It was very quiet.


Location D – 1st Visit (Cassie, Norman and Guest 2)

Pipes can be heard knocking & clanking lightly. Norman thought he heard a knocking on one of the wood surfaces. He then asked for someone to finish shave and a haircut. There was no response.

Besides air conditioners and clanking of pipes occasionally, Location D was pretty quiet.


Location D – 2nd Visit (Patrick & Norman)

Time stamp 12:59am

This visit to Location D was much quieter than the earlier visit. There were no clanking pipes and the EMF readings were pretty flat. The highest reading was a .1 or .2mG.



2nd Floor Hallway (Location C) - (Patrick, Cassie, Bailey, Norman, & Guest 1)

Time stamp 1:20am

Investigators first spread themselves out in the hall to listen to their surroundings. EMF readings where Bailey was sitting were a consistent 0 or .1mG. There were a few light taps from pipes in rooms nearby.

Time stamp 1:35am

We investigated each room off of this hallway with no reports of activity.

Linda radioed us that she saw a “bird” object in the DVR footage of the upper hallway while we were in one of the rooms. It is most likely lint floating from out of focus toward the camera. Whatever it is, it is definitely an interesting shot.

Time stamp 1:47am

At 1:53am Norman and Cassie went downstairs to listen for us walking and then stomping down the 2nd floor hallway. In the process of doing that, Bailey got an EMF of 1.5mG at the top of the staircase closest to Location B. Normal footsteps were not heard the first trip down the hall. When we walked heavier and stomped back down the hall, Norman, Cassie, and even Linda in Command Central heard them loud and clear. 



Main Floor Hallway (Patrick, Bailey, and Guest 1)

Time stamp 2:20am

There is a 1.5mG EMF reading in front of a room.

There is a 34.8mG reading in front of the electrical box outside of a room which was giving off readings throughout that part of the hall.

There were some EMF and K-II readings that seemed to be some kind of electrical running underneath the floor in the hallway (maybe having to do with the electrical box?).

Lower to the floor in one spot there was an EMF reading of 3.9mG. The K-II gave off 3 lights in another part of the hall. Electrical?

Time stamp 2:30am

We left a room to follow noises out in the hall that was most likely pipes but they all sound different and are not consistent. It was very confusing!



Location B – 1st Visit (Cassie, Norman, and Guest 2)

Time stamp 10:09pm

Norman immediately gets an EMF reading of 19mG in the lower right hand corner of Location B1. Electrical.

The team then sits to listen to their surroundings. Location B is very quiet. There were no responses to questions or knocks.

Cassie & Guest 2 get high EMF readings (electrical) somewhere in B2.

Norman’s highest EMF in Location B1 is a .6 or a .7mG

Cassie hears a rustling noise. It is never identified.

The team moves to the upper level of B1 and Norman gets a high EMF reading for a light fixture in center of the back wall.

No intelligent responses to questions.



Location B – 2nd Visit (Patrick, Guest 1, and Bailey)

Time stamp 11:28pm

Guest 1 and I headed down the main floor hallway toward Location B. There was lots of extremely loud banging and clanking everywhere on the property. We walked into Location B and there was lots of clanking that made both of us uncomfortable. Guest 1 did not want to investigate with just the two of us, so we radioed and asked for Bailey to join us. We headed back to the hall and waited for Bailey.

We re-enter Location B and it is a bit quieter, but the tapping is still there.

Time Stamp 11:34pm

All 3 investigators sit in the middle of Location B1 and spread out to listen for a bit. The tapping seems to stop after we have a seat and start listening. An occasional tap is heard later on. 

The heat comes on at 11:41pm and the tapping and louder banging starts up again. The pace of the banging is pretty fast. Bailey and Patrick discuss that they both have heard tapping that could easily be confused as footsteps coming Location B2. The pipes eventually stop banging and tapping.

Investigators head up to the upper level of B1 and Bailey got an EMF spike of .7mG at the top of the steps. We checked out a room with access to the attic with a very cold draft.

We head down to Location B2 and Bailey gets a consistent EMF reading of 1.4mG walking through a large stretch of the location... and later a 3.4mG consistently (there are electrical outlets in this area).

Breakers/Light switches read a .9mG on EMF meter but don’t get K-II readings. Two to three K-II lights go on in front of a power box and reads 9.8mG with the EMF detector.

Bailey gets a consistent 4.9mG EMF reading across the floor in front of the entrance to Location B that is next to the Location B2 area. The K-II also lights up down on the floor. Electrical.

In the DVR video of Location B there is at least two instances of light play against the wall right next to Location B2 coming through the entrance off of the street… probably from a car. The light is in the shape of a doorway.


Possible Follow-up
· MOSS investigators spending more time in Location A of the property.

· MOSS investigators spending more time investigating the boiler room and door.