Friedens United Church of Christ

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Friedens Part 1

Investigation: Friedens United Church of Christ

Investigation Report Written By: Patrick Keller

Investigation Date: 9/18/10

Time of Arrival: 8:00pm

Investigation Start Time: 11:15pm

Investigation End Time: 3:50am

Investigators Present:   Patrick Keller

Equipment Used in Investigation:
822A EMF Detectors
K-II Meters
Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer
Sony ICD-PX720 Digital Voice Recorder:
                Placed on the floor in the center of theFellowship Hall and recorded the entire evening
Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder:
                Followed Investigators throughout investigation
Sony ICD-BX700 Digital Voice Recorder:
                Used at Central Command
Kodak EasyShare M380 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare CX4200 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera
Q-See 4 Channel DVR
                Channel 1 (Wired Infrared Camera): Sanctuary  
                Channel 2 (Wired Infrared Camera): Downstairs Hallway              
                Channel 3 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Fellowship Hall
                Channel 4 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Upstairs Hallway
Sony HDR-CX150 Handycam Digital Camcorder:                
                Followed Investigators throughout investigation
Sony HVLIRM Batter Infrared Light Attachment (for camcorder)

Command Central Location
: Music Room in lower hallway

Client Reports

Footsteps (mainly heard in the Fellowship Hall from above in the sanctuary)

Doors closing or slamming (upper and lower hallways)

Witnesses walking through a cold grey mist

Pre-Investigation Base EMF and Surface
Temp. Readings
(average low to high readings, example 0 - .5mG)
Lower Hallway             EMF       .3mG                                                 Temp    73.8 – 74.2 ̊F
Kitchen                         EMF       .3mG                                                 Temp    78 – 79  ̊F 
                                                   (center of room)                                              (center of room)
                                                   12.0mG (sink walls)
Main Entry                    EMF       .1 - .8mG                                          Temp    75  ̊F
          (and stairways)
Upper Foyer                  EMF      .0 - .1mG                                          Temp    73 – 74
          (just outside the upper hallway)
Fellowship Hall             EMF       .3 - .5mG                                          Temp    73.5 – 74.5  ̊F
Upper Hallway              EMF      .0 - .1mG                                          Temp    73 – 74   ̊F
Hospitality Room          EMF       .0 - .3mG                                          Temp    72  ̊F
                                                   (.3 mainly by microwave)
Sanctuary                      EMF      .1 - .3mG                                          Temp    72.5 – 73  ̊F
Outside of Sanctuary     EMF      .0 - .1mG                                          Temp    74.5  ̊F

Weather at Start of Investigation:
St. Charles, MO 63303
There was rain, thunder, and lightning throughout the entire investigation

Temp: 72  ̊ F
Dewpoint: 69.2
 ̊ F
Pressure: 30.26in
Wind: Calm
Humidity: 90%

Interesting Pre-Investigation Notes

While Norman was loading our first box of equipment into the building, he
claims he heard the sound of a nearby door clicking shut as he sat the box down
outside of the music room (command central). The music room door was closed and

Also, Norman and I were setting up and taking base EMF and Surface
Temperature readings around the building. We were either in the upper or lower
hallway (we honestly don’t remember) and we heard a metal sounding clank or
latch coming from off in the distance. Later on in the investigation I
discovered that the sound of the front doors latching made the same sound that
we heard earlier. Could someone have tried to get into the building? Or was one
of the doors never completely latched and it just latched on its own? Or, can a
wind gust pull a door open and shut so that it makes the latching noise?


Investigation Report and Activities

Fellowship Hall – 1st Visit (Patrick & Norman)

Norman asks “Why don’t you tell us your name?” A strange noise or voice is heard on the
ICD-PX720 digital audio recorder (placed on the floor in the center of the Fellowship Hall for the
entire investigation). It is possible that the sound you hear could be an investigator’s footsteps, but this sounds different than footsteps heard in the room and just has a different sound quality.

Evidence/Possible EVP: TellUsYourNameA
(Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Evidence/Possible EVP: TellUsYourNameB
(Digital Audio – noise reduction)

Evidence/Possible EVP: TellUsYourNameC
(Digital Audio – noise reduction & amplification)

Evidence/Possible EVP: TellUsYourNameD
(Digital Audio – noise reduction, amplification, & slowed down)

This is the same exact moment except from the Sony ICD-PX820 digital audio recorder
(carried with investigators throughout the investigation). It is this audio that makes me lean more toward the possibility of it being investigator footsteps, but I’m still not sure.

Evidence/Possible EVP: TellUsYourName (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

At one point I ask “Is there just one of you here?” On the SonyHDR-CX150 Camcorder
audio you can clearly hear an answer of “Yes.” (Depending on your audio program or your speakers you may not hear this one)                                 

EVP: IsThereJust1OfYouHere (Camcorder Video)

At the same moment on the Sony ICD-PX820 digital audio recorder (carried with investigators    throughout investigation) you hear a sound after “Is there just one of you here?” but it is not clearly understood and sounds different.
EVP: IsThereJust1OfYouHere (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

The Sony ICD-PX720 digital audio recorder (placed on the floor in the center of the Fellowship Hall for the entire investigation) did not pick up a response to the question.

EMF readings were reading from .1 to .5mG, with the higher readings being on the opposite side of the kitchen. In this next audio file from the Sony ICD-PX820 digital audio recorder, our biggest piece of evidence is heard. You will hear me talking about the EMF readings on the opposite side of the kitchen, followed by a strange noise (unidentified), followed by what we feel is definitely spirit     communication.

EVP: VoiceA (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

EVP: VoiceB (Digital Audio – noise reduction)

EVP: VoiceC (Digital Audio – noise reduction and amplification)

EVP: VoiceD (Digital Audio – noise reduction, amplification, and slowed down)

The same moment is recorded on the ICD-PX720 digital audio recorder (placed on the floor in the center of the Fellowship Hall for the entire investigation) as well as the Sony HDR-CX150 Camcorder. Both devices pick up the strange noise (unidentified) but not the EVP picked up on the ICD-PX820.

Evidence: Voice (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)  

Evidence: Voice (Camcorder Video)

Our initial response (before adjusting the audio) was that the message of the EVP is “It’s cold”. I was talking about getting chills just moments before. Our current opinion is that the message is “This is Paul” or “It’s Paul”.

I sent the 4 above versions of the “This is Paul” EVP to a professional contact of ours, intuitive    medium Marilyn Kastner Painter, to see if she picked up any intuitive insight from the EVP. It is her opinion that we have definite spirit communication. Below is her intuitive insight…

I believe you guys definitely have communication. This is what I heard, “My God, it’s all over me!” What I’m sensing and seeing is an adult female that has a more dominant male energy. The voice has male energy but clairvoyantly I see a tall large woman. I see her and what is being communicated to me is that she was a white woman and she was intentionally set on fire. I see flames burning all around her and she is screaming “My God it’s all over me!”  I don’t sense that it was a group burning- like locking the black people up in the building burning them to death, although it
happened in a time in which  burnings of black people were occurring. The burning may have been linked to her harboring black slaves. Motive for her murder was punishment for helping the black people. She was alone with
an assailant and died alone in pure terror. Not sure if the event took place on the grounds of the Building you are investigating. She seems to be very religious in dogma and may have wandered to the church to find refuge. It is almost like she is frozen in time in this terror as she searches in the church for help out of the

I’d love to go to the Church and try to speak with her, get validation of what I am seeing, and help her. She can’t see God’s light beyond the light of the flames.

Response from the St. Charles Historical Society

Our client, a member of Friedens UCC, e-mailed the St. Charles County Historical Society to see if Marilyn’s insight could be validated. A representative of SCCHC responded noting that a search of their records found that no slaves or sympathizers were burned to death in St. Charles County. The standard punishment for capital crimes in the county was hanging. However, the SCCHC representative doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of a burning because there is little documentation or written history on the subject in this time period. Nonetheless, the representative does not believe it actually happened because it would have been difficult to completely cover up.

It is important to note that Marilyn only received audio files and was not present at the investigation. Marilyn feels very strongly that the mission isn’t complete until an attempt to help the soul is carried out and feels she needs to help the spirit. In Marilyn’s words “For there is no time in the astral plane and she suffers as if what is happening to her is in present time.”

After learning Marilyn’s statement, and trying to avoid the power of suggestion, the more I listen to it the less it sounds like "This is Paul" or "It's Paul". I can understand how people (even some MOSS investigators) could hear "It's all o-" and very very faintly possibly the "ver" of "over", but I do not hear the whole phrase "It's all over me" and I for sure don't hear "Oh my God". Marilyn may have received this information clairaudiently (something one hears from the spiritual realm that
most cannot physically hear). With all of the debate that I’m sure this will cause, and whatever it says, I can say that in my opinion this is definitely spirit communication.

It is not clear if the strange noise before the EVP is a part of the EVP or if it was heard at the             investigation. We simply do not remember. Throughout the evening there were a large number of loud mechanical noises coming from the kitchen, which is why it was so necessary to reduce the background noise from the audio files. With that being said, is it possible that the amount of static noise coming from the kitchen area makes it easier for an entity to communicate? There is a theory that suggests that mechanical or static background noises in an environment helps entities to communicate by using or modifying that sound energy.

At approximately 11:57 or 11:58pm the Sony ICD-PX720 in the fellowship hall picks up what could possibly be footsteps from above. Norman and I did not enter the Sanctuary until approximately 12:45am. At 12:03am Norman and I document that we begin investigating the upper level foyer, which is the first upper level location investigated. You can hear our voices softly in the      background but it isn’t clear if our location is the lower level hallway, traveling up the stairs, or in the upper hallway foyer. Could the sounds possibly be us going up the stairs? The stairs are definitely not directly above the Fellowship Hall, but could the recorder pick that up?

Evidence/Possible EVP: Footsteps (Digital Audio – noise reduction)

Fellowship Hall – 2nd Visit (Patrick, Norman, and Linda)

A cricket joined us for this part of the investigation.

During our 2nd visit to the Fellowship Hall we decided to see if we could even hear footsteps
from up above if one of us went up there. At 2:03am, I went up to the Sanctuary while Norman and Linda stayed below. You cannot hear my normal (slightly heavy) footsteps, but there were 3 times in different locations where I made 3 or 4 stomps. The Sony ICD-PX720 digital audio recorder (placed on the floor in the center of the Fellowship Hall for the entire investigation) did pick up the stomps.

Evidence: PatrickFootsteps (Digital Audio – noise reduction)

No other phenomena or experiences to report from the Fellowship Hall.

Lower Level Foyer – 2nd Visit (Patrick, Norman and Linda)

Higher EMF readings were noted outside the Fellowship Hall/Kitchen wall where on the other side there are electrical boxes.

Lower Level Hallway – 1st Visit (Patrick & Norman)

Norman and I instantly hear 2 knocks down the hall (the first happens while Norman is talking, the 2nd happens after he is finished)… it was caught on the Sony ICD-PX820.

Evidence: KnockA (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Evidence: KnockB (Digital Audio – noise reduction)

It is also caught on our Sony HDR-CX150 Camcorder.          

Evidence: Knock (Camcorder Video)

There were no other knocking responses heard and we did not determine where the knock came from.

Norman and I were in the theater room right next to command central when we heard a sound coming from somewhere out in the hall right after Norman asks “Can you tell us what year is it?”.

Evidence: WhatYearIsIt (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

The sound was barely audible on the Sony HDR-CX150 Camcorder          

We left the lower level hall with 1 door all the way open and 2 doors cracked.

We had a DVR Infrared Camera set up at the end of the lower hallway right in front of the EXIT door. Throughout the entire investigation, the two doors that we opened (they were the 2 doors
closest to the camera) continually moved slightly in and out. You have to really pay close attention
to even notice. We believe this is due to the exit door right behind the camera. An important note to make is that there was   no change or movement in the doors when Norman slammed the quilting room door (on purpose) right across the hall at 2:18am.

Evidence: NormanDoorSlam (DVR Infrared Video)

Lower Level Hallway – 2nd Visit (Patrick, Norman, & Linda)

We began our 2nd visit to the lower hallway at approximately 2:13am.

No changes with any of the doors.

2:18am is when Norman slammed the quilting room door (on purpose) to try to shake some
things up. No response.

No activity for this visit to the lower hallway.

Upper Level Foyer (Patrick & Norman)


The K-II was giving off readings on the floor and a foot above in the upper level foyer (3 lights steady - Electrical wiring in the floor). We got EMF readings of 1.2 – 1.3mG at the same place.

No other activity or reports from the upper level foyer.

Sanctuary – 1st Visit (Patrick & Norman)


No response to me playing a hymn on the piano.      

No other activity or reports.

Sanctuary – 2nd Visit (Patrick, Norman, & Linda)

All 3 investigators were spread out throughout the sanctuary.

No activity or responses to questions.

Later on I played the organ and Linda played the piano to try to stir up activity.

It is at this time that Norman (sitting in a pew on the organ side in about the center of the sanctuary) hears dragging noises behind him as Linda plays “Heart and Soul” on the piano. Before he hears dragging you can hear a motorcycle or other loud vehicle slowly drive by… could it be the motor revving up in the background? Maybe parked at QT? Norman claims what he heard (and what he can hear in this next audio clip) is NOT the motorcycle and happened a pew or two behind him. He described it as someone scooting their butt across the fabric of the pew while getting up or sitting.

Here is the audio from the ICD-PX820 Digital Audio Recorder that was with Norman in the pew.

Evidence: Dragging (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

2:47AM time stamp

Outside the Sanctuary – 1st Visit (Patrick & Norman)


Interesting readings taken around Wooden Podium outside sanctuary

Pre-Investigation we were getting high EMF readings (as high as 1.9mG) that seemed to come directly from the podium sitting in the corner of the room sitting in front of a closet with some equipment in it. The readings did not seem to come from the wall or any objects around the podium… just the podium. It was if you could trace the outline of the podium and get readings and then as you move away the readings faded. We did not move the podium at that time but only noted the high readings to come back to it later. Our pre-investigation base EMF reading for the room outside the sanctuary in general was between 0 and .1mG.

Later on (approx. 1:05AM) during the investigation we moved the podium and did a sweep in the same location of where the podium was. The highest reading was approximately a .2 to a .6mG
except for a spot around the bottom of the cabinet in the corner which gave off a 1.2mG. Wires running underneath the floor?

Wires behind wall in closet gave off .3 and .6mG which is lower than what the podium area was giving off before the investigation started.

Podium after moving it to the middle of the floor was at the highest a .3mG, still higher than the base reading of the room.

Bottom line is, none of our readings were as high as what they were when we took our pre-investigation base readings. And, the podium does give off some EMF itself, even when moved. There are too many variables in this area (wires in closet, possibly something running under the floor) to call it paranormal, but definitely something interesting to point out. I’d love to know its history or if there is anything significant about this podium.

Podium possibly made out of oak on top and birch or pine on the bottom. (Norman is a
cabinet maker)

Outside the Sanctuary – 2nd Visit (Patrick, Norman, & Linda)

Approximately 2:25am

While entering the room outside of the sanctuary, Norman thought he heard “bonging” noises coming from inside the wall or closet next to the podium. There was a lot of movement and talking
going on next to the recorder so nothing was picked up.

Upper Level Hallway – 1st Visit (Patrick & Norman)

Pew outside of restrooms in classroom hall – if you move it or sit in it you can hear it below in the music room (Command Central).

I went to go open and shut the front entrance doors while Norman stayed in the upper classroom hall to see if it affected the classroom doors in any way. No responses or noises.


Door Slams and Unidentified Noises

One of the claims for Friedens UCC is that of doors slamming or closing by themselves. We did not find any visual evidence of a door slamming or closing by itself, nor did we have any personal experiences that weren’t recorded. One thing we did find is that acoustically the church is very noisy.
Also, sound tends to travel a lot in the building. Not once did we hear a slammed door while we were
investigating, yet from the digital audio recorder on the floor in the Fellowship Hall you can hear multiple incredibly loud and almost violent slams. It is quite a task to try to sync all of the times in which we closed a door, but most of the door slams can pretty confidently be identified as the door to the music room as we enter and leave. It is very interesting that even though we never slammed that door, it certainly sounds like a violent slam from the Sony ICD-PX720. Can we 100% say that every slam came from investigators going in and out of Command Central? No. But maybe that could possibly be why people hear slammed doors… especially if they hear them in the Fellowship Hall. Could it just be an acoustic issue?

Here is some of the audio from the Sony ICD-PX720 in the Fellowship Hall that we can safely assume is the Command Central (music room) door slamming.

Evidence: Slam1 (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Evidence: Slam2 (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Evidence: Slam3 (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Evidence: Slam4 (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Just to use as a comparison, here is the audio from the Sony ICD-PX820 of Norman slamming the Quilting Room door (on purpose) from inside the Quilting Room.

Evidence: NormanDoorSlam (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Lastly, just to show you proof of how noisy your Fellowship Hall is for sure, here are some of the interesting noises we had to work around.
J The first two are unidentified. What in the world is this noise???!!!

Evidence: WhatIsThisNoise (Digital Audio – noise reduction)
(You can hear thunder at the beginning.)

Evidence: WhatIsThisNoise2 (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)

Air Conditioning kicking on…

Evidence: AirConditioning (Digital Audio – original file with no adjustments)
It is the opinion of MOSS that there is definitely an inteligent energy or spirit attempting to communicate at Friedens United Church of Christ.