About Missouri Spirit Seekers (MOSS)

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We are a paranormal investigation team that was founded in 2010 and based in the St. Charles and Lexington areas. We assist those in need and  strive to gain knowledge of and contribute to the study and research of the paranormal, with an emphasis on hauntings and life after death of the physical body. We are professional and believe in treating ghosts/spirits/entities with reverence and respect.


Paranormal research is not an exact science. There is no set or proven way to investigate, and there are a lot of theories involved. Though we practice the scientific method to the best of our abilities, we are not afraid to open our minds by using our knowledge of the metaphysical, reaching out to those with mediumistic abilities, or by listening to our own intuition to aid in finding evidence and determining the true nature of a haunting.


Unfortunately, Missouri Spirit Seekers is currently inactive and not accepting requests for investigations. Visit ParanormalSocieties.com for a list of paranormal groups in Missouri. I also highly recommend the Joplin Paranormal Research Society

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an energy field that makes its presence known periodically in the same area, giving the awareness of a living person; brings a drop of temperature with its presence; perceived clairaudient or audiently by its activities and movements; perceived clairvoyantly as a fluffy, transparent human-like mass, moving very slowly...

- Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary


beyond normal explanation

- World English Dictionary