Friedens UCC - 2nd Visit


Friedens Part 2

Investigation: Friedens United Church of Christ, St. Charles, MO – 2nd Visit

Investigation Report Written By: Patrick Keller

Investigation Date:

Time of Arrival:

Investigation Start Time:

Investigation End Time:

Investigators Present:           Patrick Keller
                                                Marie (Guest Investigator)                                         


Equipment Used in Investigation:
822A EMF Detectors
K-II Meters
Trifield 100XE EMF Meter
Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer
Sony ICD-PX720 Digital Voice Recorder: Followed Investigators throughout investigation
Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder: Followed Investigators throughout investigation
Sony ICD-BX700 Digital Voice Recorder: Used at Central Command
Kodak EasyShare M380 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare CX4200 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera
Q-See 4 Channel DVR
                Channel 1 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Downstairs Hallway
                Channel 2 (Wireless Infrared Camera): Fellowship Hall
                Channel 3 (Wired Infrared Camera): NOT USED
                Channel 4 (Wired Infrared Camera): Upstairs Hallway
Sony HDR-CX150 Handycam Digital Camcorder: Narthex
Sony DCR-TRV280 Handycam Camcorder with NightShot #2: Followed investigators throughout investigation

Command Central Location: Hospitality Room


Client Reports
Footsteps are heard throughout the building as well as in the Fellowship Hall from above in the sanctuary.
Doors have been known to close or slam (upper and lower hallways).
Witnesses have experienced walking through a cold grey mist.

A witness has seen a shadow cross by them in the narthex.


Pre-Investigation Base EMF and Surface Temperature Readings
                (average low to high readings, example 0 - .5mG)

Upstairs Hallway               EMF       0 - .9mG                               Temp    66 - 70  ̊F

Upstairs Foyer                   EMF       0 - .9mG                               Temp    66 - 70  ̊F

Narthex                              EMF       0 – 1.0mG                            Temp    60 - 75  ̊F
Sanctuary                           EMF       0 – 1.0mG                            Temp    64 - 70  ̊F

Downstairs Foyer               EMF       0 - .9mG                               Temp    65 - 72 F ̊ 

Downstairs Hallway           EMF       0 - .8mG                               Temp    62 - 67  ̊F

Fellowship Hall                  EMF       1.0 – 2.1mG                          Temp    62 - 66  ̊F


Kitchen                               EMF       0 – 2.5mG                             Temp    61 - 65  ̊F

Weather at Start of Investigation: St. Charles, MO  63303
                Cold and clear


                                Temp: 23  ̊F
                                Dewpoint: 18  ̊F
                                Pressure: 30.26in
                                Wind: Calm
                                Humidity: 81%

Pre-Investigation Notes

The Pepsi machine EMF was as high as 55.1mG.

The back of the fellowship hall had incredibly random and inconsistent readings all over near the stacked tables and curtain divider. It is this same location that while taking base EMF and temperature readings Cassie experienced the hairs on one of her knuckles raising (this has happened before during an investigation) and Bailey mentioned getting a chill.

Investigation Report and activities


Fellowship Hall – 1st Visit @ 11:02pm (Patrick, Cassie, and Marie)
We sat quietly for a few minutes to listen to our surroundings and then conducted an EVP session where Marie was able to ask several questions of her own.


There were several soft snaps and pops coming from the curtain divider side of the room under the chancel. There were lots of folding tables and things stacked. I’m not sure what the noises were. We didn’t seem to get any intelligent responses when we asked for noises or knocks.


I got chills in what seems to be about the same place I got chills during the last investigation here. It is also the spot where during pre-investigation Bailey reported getting a chill and Cassie reported having the hair on one of her knuckles stand up.


Time Stamp 11:22pm


Patrick and Cassie investigated the strange and inconsistent EMF readings that happen in the stretch between the two doors that lead up to the chancel area. Going from the exit sign above the west door and gradually moving to the floor in the same spot, the EMF gradually goes from a 1.1 to a .1mG on the floor.


When holding the EMF up in the air and traveling from the west door to the east door, EMF stays consistent at a .7mG and then gradually drops to a .1mG and then back up to a .2 and .3mG at the east door. Earlier during pre-investigation, Cassie said she had gotten much higher EMF readings in and around the area of the folding tables and stacked chairs (1.0 – 2.1mG). I was getting a whole range of readings from .0 to .9mG.


At one point I ask “Are you a male?” and Cassie said she heard a quick sound like a voice that was not identified and not heard on either the audio or the camcorder.


Fellowship Hall – 2nd Visit @ 12:42am (Norman, Cassie, and Bailey)


Investigators first report hearing noises coming from the kitchen area (the same drippy noise from last investigation).


The Trifield and the K-II are set up right in front of the camcorder in the middle of the room on the floor for the first 16 minutes. There is little to no movement in the Trifield and there are no readings given off by the K-II.


Norman notices that the room is much quieter than the last visit (last time it was raining, storming, insect noises, etc.)


Norman heard knocking that seemed to be coming from one of the refrigerators in the corner of the room outside of the kitchen.


We then decide to test door slams for the purpose of seeing what they sound like from a recorder sitting in the middle of the room on the floor of the Fellowship Hall.


I was outside of Command Central in the Upper Hallway @ 1:01am to begin the test. We tested each door with a “big slam” and “medium slam”. We saved the audio of these slams from 3 locations: the recorder with the investigator slamming the door, a recorder in the middle of the fellowship hall, and from the video camera positioned in the Narthex for the entire evening. Due to the large number of audio files we are only including a few examples of the door slams in this online report. The audio samples are mainly meant for the church to have as a reference.


Pre-K Door


Norman, who was standing there in the Fellowship Hall, said  it was nowhere loud enough to be the slamming sounds we heard from the digital recorder in the Fellowship Hall during the last investigation.


Nursery Door


At the same time as the above slam, Cassie talked about it being really cold right near the recorder and asked Bailey if they had the digital thermometer. They did not, however no one reported strange readings from any of the meters.


I then sat in the pew outside of the mens restroom and wiggled around. In our last investigation the same pew was heard from below. They did not hear it from the Fellowship Hall.  I’m not sure if it is picked up on the audio because the ice maker sound was happening and pretty loud. It does not seem to be picked up by their camcorder either. Norman says the sound was coming from the two refrigerators in the corner of the room outside of the kitchen. The sound of the pew  was picked up from the Narthex Camcorder.


I then came downstairs to continue the test with the doors in the lower hall.


1st Joyful Noise Door (previous command central)


2nd Joyful Noise Door (Investigators did not use this door in the previous investigation. I believe it was locked.)


3rd Joyful Noise Door (Again, investigators did not use this door in the previous investigation. I believe it
was locked.)


Tent Tales Door


Norman dropped folding chairs or metal chairs on the ground to demonstrate what he thought he was hearing in the audio from the fellowship hall from the last investigation. Listening to the audio the sound doesn’t seem familiar to me.


Bible Max Door


Quilting Room Door


Time Stamp 1:10am


Storage Door


Last Door in the hall


I then made sure that all of the doors in the Downstairs Hall were opened again. When I returned to meet the others in the Fellowship Hall they were investigating a noise they kept hearing. It turned out to be coming from the two refrigerators outside of the kitchen.


Fellowship Hall – 3rd Visit @ 12:41am (Patrick, Bailey, and Linda)


At 12:41am investigators headed down to the Fellowship Hall one more time.


We set all the equipment up on a table on the far side of the fellowship hall and all sat around it to listen to surroundings and for an EVP session. We had no experiences to report.


Downstairs Hallway – 1st Visit @ 11:39pm (Patrick, Cassie, and Marie)

We spent some time in the Joyful Noise Room (previous command central), Tent Tales, Bible Max Theater, and the Storage/Resource Room.


At 11:51pm we conducted an experiment to see if we could hear Norman walking up and down the upstairs hallway. We could hear what I would describe as “light thuds” but it isn’t really heard in the audio. Marie said it was nothing like she had heard in a previous personal experience where she heard footsteps when no one was in the building. I then ask Norman to walk back with a heavier step. In the audio I described them as “heavier thuds” and they are barely heard in the audio. None of his footsteps are heard in the camcorder audio.


            Audio Evidence: 42 PX720 – Norman Footsteps

Norman then shut the Pre-K Door (from upstairs).


From downstairs you hear the loud thud and then an echo after the slam. I describe it as someone shaking a large piece of sheet metal like thunder. It is either an echo or some kind of suction happening. None of the downstairs doors moved during the slam. Marie says the echo after the slam is unfamiliar to her. It is my understanding that most of the time people have heard door slams either from the upstairs hallway or they were upstairs and heard them from the hallway below.


Marie then went upstairs to listen from above in the Hospitality Room (Command Central).


Time Stamp 11:57pm


1st Joyful Noise Door


3rd Joyful Noise Door

Quilting Room Door


Marie and other investigators in the Hospitality Room (Command Central) said they felt the floor shake.  


Storage Room


Bible Max


Tent Tales Room


In general, the doors closer to the stairs sounded more like what Marie heard the night of her personal experience.


Marie asked me to go in the 1st Joyful Noise Door, lock it, and then rattle it. Both the light shutting of the door and the rattling of the door can be heard in the audio.


Time Stamp 12:08am


Downstairs Hallway – 2nd Visit (Norman, Cassie, and Bailey)


Investigators visited the Joyful Noise Room (previous command central) and Tent Tales Room.


You can hear some bangs or thuds off in the distance on the audio. Cassie later asked other investigators if they heard something sounding like it was coming from above and described it as a slam or a loud knock. You then hear it again and she calls it out again. At first, Norman and Bailey say they do not hear it. Norman eventually acknowledges hearing one of them.


            Audio Evidence: 88 PX820 – Downstairs Pipes1


Investigators move onto the Bible Max Theater. In the audio you can hear another thud (a little clearer) and Cassie says “That’s what I’m hearing”.  She later says “It must just be pipes.” You later hear the thud again (while the trifield is going off after Bailey turns it on in the hall) and both Norman and Cassie agree that it is probably pipes.


            Audio Evidence: 89 PX820 – Downstairs Pipes2


In the Bible Max Theater Norman asks “Can you whistle?” An investigator whistles twice and then you hear some kind of voice or sound in the background. It is unclear if it is a noise coming from something in the room or an investigator. No one acknowledges the sound in the recording. The sound is not picked up from the camcorder audio. At this point we have not identified if it is paranormal or not.


            Audio Evidence: 90 PX820 – Bible Max Whistle


Investigators then investigate the Storage Room and the last room in the hall before heading up the stairs next to the elevator.


Downstairs Hallway – 3rd Visit (Patrick, Bailey, and Linda)


We spread ourselves out throughout the hallway to listen to our surroundings. It was quiet and we had no experiences to report.

Narthex – 1st Visit @ 11:02pm (Norman and Bailey)


Norman sat quietly in the Narthex (Bailey joined him later after working on trying to fix one of the camcorders) for 20 or 25 minutes listening (the other team was underneath them in the fellowship hall).


It was very quiet other than the ticking of a clock coming from somewhere and the occasional tap or gurgle from the heating pipes.


At approx. 11:35pm Norman and Bailey head back to Command Central.

Narthex – 2nd Visit (Norman, Cassie, and Bailey)


Norman gets readings of 1.1, 1.7, 2.6, and a 2.8mG in the closet in the back of the Narthex. Cassie mentions high readings coming from the pipe up on the left. Norman mentions getting high readings on the floor.


Narthex – 3rd Visit (Patrick and Norman)

We decided to send Cassie, Bailey, and Linda out to drive the car around the building. We wanted to see if Norman and I got shadow or light play in the Narthex. Both gates on each side of the building were closed so they were not able to drive around the building to give us an idea of if lights make their way into the windows.


At least from out front, without driving around to the front and side of the building, we didn’t see how lights from a car could get up into the windows.


We continued to investigate the Narthex while Cassie, Bailey, and Linda did a quick investigation of the cemetery. It was a quick investigation due to the cold temperatures and they had no activity or experiences to report.


Cassie, Bailey, & Linda eventually came back inside and we were all in the Narthex for a while.


Norman heard a sound in his ear that he described as kind of like a bee.


Narthex Podium @ 3:27am (Patrick and Norman)


We did not get the same interesting readings from the podium this time. It was sitting in roughly the same place it was for our last investigation. The top part of the podium gave off a reading of .1mG and the base and lower half also gave off a reading of .1mG. By the cabinet, the further we went down to the floor we got a reading of 2.4mG. Wires or electrical in the floor? Even readings from the cabinet area are considerably lower than what we got on the last visit.


Readings inside the closet were up to 1.9mG. Norman got a surprising reading of only .1mG by the wires in the closet.


Sanctuary – 1st Visit (Norman, Cassie, and Bailey)


Norman scoots across a pew and records the noise. After listening to the new recording below, he acknowledges that it could possibly be the noise he heard during the previous investigation, but due to so many noises (rain, thunder, motorcycle, organ playing, etc) from the last investigation it is hard to tell for sure.


            Audio Evidence: 91 PX820 – Norman Pew Scoots


Cassie plays the piano while Norman stays in the pew.


Norman hears noises coming from the piano area. Cassie says it is the piano seat.


Cassie continues to play STANDING IN THE NEED OF PRAYER.


Time Stamp 1:35am


Investigators head back to command central.


Sanctuary – 2nd Visit @ approx. 2:28am (Patrick, Norman, Cassie, Bailey, and Linda)


I played O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM on the organ and then Cassie joined me on the piano and we played some Alfred Adult Piano Course songs.


We had no experiences to report.


Upstairs Hallway (Patrick, Norman, Cassie, Bailey, and Linda)


We investigated the Nursery and then the Pre-K room @ 3:19am.


The heater in the Pre-K room was giving off a reading of 2 or 3 lights on the K-II meter.


No other activity or experiences to report.